Plender Street & Camden Street


CLIENT          London Borough of Camden


VALUE             £15M

STATUS          Phase I Completed 2017

                    Phase 2 ongoing



Concept Architect: Cartwright Pickard
Working Drawings Architect: RPS
M&E: PinnacleESP 
Employer’s Agent and Cost: Philip Pank Partnership
Phase I Contractor: Higgins Construction
Phase II Contractor: Quinn London Ltd



The Plender Street Development consists of two mixed use blocks.  Both blocks consist of residential units on their upper floors, while at ground level Block A has commercial units and Block B provides a new facility for the St Pancras Community Association (SPCA), including sports changing facilities.  The project includes an external area for the SPCA nursery care and re-provides open public areas.  A total of 31 private flats have been delivered by the scheme, which are supporting the cost of 14 affordable homes currently being constructed on Camden Street as a second phase to the project.  Developing Projects is delivering a full project management service.